Here are some answers to our most common questions, if you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch...

What’s the most/least painful area to get tattooed?

All tattoos hurt and everyone’s pain threshold varies greatly, so if your friend/cousin/mum has advised you to get an area tattooed because ‘it hardly hurt at all’ you should probably take their well-meaning advice with a pinch of salt as everyone’s experience varies greatly!

Having said that there are some areas that most people find easier/tougher than others - most people manage quite well on their upper arms and its a general consensus that getting areas like the ribs tattooed is not very enjoyable at all…

The most important thing to bear in mind when it comes to placement is to think carefully about how often you are going to want the tattoo on show - especially if you are fairly young and have not yet established your career path… while some employers are becoming more understanding about tattoos in the workplace, visible tattoos in public areas (ie; hands,neck) are best left alone until you have a clear idea what are going to do in life!

Can I get my hands/neck/face tattooed in your shop?

For the reasons listed above, the answer is no. In rare exceptions we have tattooed hands and necks but usually once we have established a relationship of sorts with the individual, or if the customer has extensive work already.

How much will a sleeve cost?

Tattooists get asked this a lot. There is no answer! The amount of work involved will greatly vary depending on the style of sleeve you want. Getting as much reference together as possible to give us an idea of the kind of thing you’re after will help us give you an approximate quote but even then it will only be that - approximate. Getting a big piece like a sleeve is a huge commitment both financially and in terms of the amount of hours you will be required to sit getting tattooed, so think long and hard!

Will you draw something up for me before I book in? I need to know if I’m going to love it before I can commit to making an appointment.

We are a custom studio and as such draw up each design individually for each client, there is no extra charge for drawing time and we happy to make alterations to designs until the customer is happy. If you need to see your design prior to your appointment we will generally email it over to you the night before. If you are concerned that your design will not be just what you were after then the best course of action is to make sure you pop in and book in in person and have a good chat with your chosen artist to make sure you’re both on the same page - it can be very hard to get some things across via email/facebook messages. You can also phone up and book a consultation at a time when your chosen artist has time to talk to you properly and chat through all aspects of your tattoo design, there is no charge for this service either.The long and short of it is that we don’t have time to spend drawing designs up for people who may or may not decide to get the tattoo done or worse still, take it to the studio down the road who will assure you they’ll do it for half the price.

My friend/boyfriend/wife/mum and I want to come in and get tattooed together on the same day by the same artist. Can we split that artist’s day rate between the two of u to save money.

Sorry, but again the answer’s no! Two clients means two of everything - needles, inks, cleaning supplies etc so we are obliged to charge as two separate clients.

What should I wear to get tattooed?

Just think practically, if you are getting an upper arm tattoo don’t wear a tight t-shirt, wear a vest. If you’re a girl and getting your ribs tattooed, maybe consider a string bikini top as opposed to a bra.. Most importantly, wear comfortable, preferably loose,clothing (those skinny jeans may slide on perfectly in the morning but it’ll be a different story once you have a freshly tattooed, sore and swollen leg!) and make sure its nothing too special, tattoo ink does stain pretty permanently and chances are you will get ink on you somewhere, so don’t wear your best brand new white t-shirt!

When it comes to modest, again,  everyone varies enormously - some people are more than happy to let everything hang out whilst some seem as if they would prefer to get tattooed without removing any clothing! It sounds like stating the obvious but bear in mind than in order to tattoo an area of your skin we need to be able to have clear access to it! If you are nervous about exposing yourself in front of strangers then try not to worry too much, we do our very best to ensure everyone feels comfortable and have a screen in the studio for added privacy.If you have any concerns or questions then feel free to ask!

I’ve seen a tattoo online that I love, I have to have mine just like that one, can you copy it?

We can, but we won’t! Tattooing, like all art forms has a very cyclical nature - in other words, the same subjects/themes/ideas have in all likelihood been tattooed time and time again, its only each artist’s interpretation that makes each tattoo individual - and you should want your tattoo to be individual to you! Taking inspiration from tattoos you’ve seen on other people is absolutely fine (if anything, encouraged, as it gives a great idea of the direction/style you want to go in) but bear in mind you should only take inspiration and not look to directly copy someone else’s tattoo. Apart from anything else, it’s pretty disrespectful to both the original artist and the wearer of the tattoo just to rip it off completely. There are of course exceptions - if you’ve seen some script in a certain font that you really love then fine - or if there’s a classic ‘old-school’ flash design that’s been doing the rounds for years, but on the whole, try and aim to get a tattoo that is yours, not anyone else’s.